Nexus, A Dimension Data Company


Nexus offers a complete line of Cloud services that were designed to integrate with nearly any pre-existing infrastructure. Whether your scenario is an on-premises private cloud, or a hybrid hosted solution, our solutions can accelerate a transition to the Cloud with a unified data center platform, integrating disparate compute, storage, and network components into a single architecture that scales to fit a variety of virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

Additionally, your company can further benefit from our suite of cloud offers to ensure your transition is painless, seamless, and thorough. From strategy and design to execution and support, our specialized team of Cloud experts will work the entire process through our Continuous Delivery model.

Cloud Resale  - IaaS and SaaS solutions to help power your business including - Amazon, VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, Sungard, and others

Hybrid Cloud Solutions  - In most organizations that have applications running on Amazon, Azure  or OpenStack, there are still a significant number of applications that  are still run on enterprise virtualization platforms. We offer public  and private Cloud solutions that integrate into your Continuous  Integration System and IT Portals to support your organization during  the transition to Cloud.

Cloud Consulting - Cloud Strategy Creation and Optimization- At Nexus we believe that the most important item to address in a cloud transition is a clear understanding and measurement of how software is Designed, Developed and Delivered in your organization, and how you IT organization supports that process. Then based on that understanding improve key elements to achieve higher levels of cloud maturity.

Cloud Automation - As you transition to Agile/Lean IT, there is a need for software development and integration of on-premise hardware and software platforms. Currently, platform automation services are delivered via Puppet as well as enterprise solutions like Cisco Intelligent Automation and UCS Director.